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The memory and experience of a workwoman: How do Chinese workers spend
their lives in Weaving Girl (2008)
WANG Xiaoping 
A feminist pedagogy through online education
Young Ai CHUNG

Transforming concepts into practices: Mainstreaming gender in higher education
Hsingchen YANG
Has childcare become less of a burden in South Korea? Exploring the nature of
pre-and post-reform childcare provision
Sung-Hee LEE
Medical missionaries in Guangzhou: The initiators of the modern women’s rights
movement in China
XU Guangqiu 
Acculturation as a frustration-negotiation cycle: North Korean women defectors
in South Korea
YOON Gyun-Soo and PARK Amie Meeae 
Holding up half the sky? The continuity and change of visual gender
representation in elementary language textbooks in post-Mao China
LI Xiangmei

Voices From Asian Feminist Activism
Transnational feminism and women’s activism: Building resilience to climate
change impact through women’s empowerment in climate smart agriculture

Her voice in the making: ICTs and the empowerment of migrant women in Pearl
River Delta, China
Jue SUN  


Book review

Claiming place: On the agency of Hmong women, edited by Chia Youyee Vang,
Faith Nibbs and Ma Vang
YangHee KIM