Selected Applicants for Participation in 6th EGEP (2014 Summer) Announced

We, the Asian Center for Women’s Studies, thank all the applicants to Ewha Global Empowerment Program (EGEP) 2014 Summer for their excellent applications and for giving us the opportunity to examine their credentials.  



We received and carefully looked through 164 outstanding applications from 46 countries in Asia and Africa in a four-phased review process. Now we are very pleased to announce that 26 applicants were officially selected as participants in EGEP 2014 Summer. As was written on the “Call for Applicants”, the selected applicants was informed individually by email on Apr 30.  



We appreciate the interest all the applicants have shown and the time they have spent applying for the program. Especially, although we could not include all the applicants on the list of participants, we wish to convey that all the applications including those not selected were competitive and hope we can meet and work together in the future EGEPs.  



For information on the next EGEPs which will take part in January and July every year, please check our website to keep updated. Thank you very much.