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Rethinking successful aging: older female volunteers’ perspectives in Taiwan


Li-Kuang CHEN




Reproducing hybridity in Korea: Conflicting interpretations of Korean culture by South Koreans and ethnic Korean Chinese marriage migrants


Amelia L. SCHUBERT, LEE Youngmin and LEE Hyun-Uk




Women’s coping strategies and help-seeking practices: Some observations on domestic violence in rural Bangladesh


Anisur Rahman KHAN




Negotiating responsibilities and relationships: Power, conflict, and decision-making in households of informal women workers






The effects of expanded universal childcare support and working mothers


in Korea


Heesuk YUN




Voices from Asian Feminist Activism


A Look at the Beijing Conference through Lesbian Eyes


Tingting WEI




Women in Pakistan: countering conflicts and building peace


Zille Z. NAQVI and Samina RIAZ




Book review


The valley of amazement, by Amy Tan



J. Amutha MONICA and S. Usha KALYANI