AJWS Vol.21 No.4 has been published













Under the covers: Image and imagination in Korean popular music albums









Financial support for women under Islamic family law in Bangladesh and Malaysia



Raihanah ABDULLAH, Taslima MONSOOR, Fuadah JOHARI, and Wirdati MOHD RADZI






Labor market outcomes for women in East Asia



Jayoung YOON






Precarious motherhood: Lives of Southeast Asian marriage migrant women in Korea



Euna LEE, Seung-kyung KIM, and Jae Kyung LEE






Verbal sexual harrassment: A hidden problem for Turkish adolescent girls



Işıl IŞIK and Özen KULAKAÇ






Voices from Asian Feminist Activism



Human trafficking in Nepal: Changing dimensions



Palita THAPA






Using education-entertainment in breaking the silence about sexual violence against women in Vietnam



Thi Thanh Giang PHAM






Book reviews



Women and law: Critical feminist perspectives, edited by Kalpana Kannabiran



Zandra GREEN






China’s leftover women: Late marriage among professional women and its consequences,by Sandy To




Qian LIU