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Editor’s Note

CHANG Pilwha                                                                                        




The quieter side of Chinese feminism: The feminist phenomenology of Li Yu’s


Zhaohui LIU and Robin DAHLING



Marriage as a pilgrimage to the fatherland: The case of Japanese women in the Uni?cation Church

KIM Hyun Mee                                                                                        



Marriage in early twentieth century Northern India: Hindi literature vis-?-vis social 


Justyna WI?NIEWSKA-SINGH                                                                            



Instant mobility, strati?ed prostitution market: The politics of belonging of Korean women selling 

sex in the U.S.

Joohee KIM                                                                                          



Voices from Asian Feminist Activism

Accusations of witchcraft in Nepal: Problems and impact on women

Raj Kumari GURUNG                                                                                   



Training instruments for  environmental justice for women  in  Indonesia:  A community development 

project of ASEAN Study Centre

Desintha D. ASRIANI                                                                                 



Book reviews

The gift in the heart of language: The maternal source of meaning, by Genevieve Vaughan

CHANG Pilwha                                                                                        



Gender and law in the Japanese Imperium, edited by Susan L. Burns and Barbara J. Brooks