AJWS Vol.22 No.3 has been published







Inter-caste marriage in Bali: A gendered analysis of caste and its impact on
Balinese women



Broken global explorations: The lived experience of Korean women working in
the entertainment and sex industries in Sydney
Kyungja JUNG, Haeyoung JANG and Bronwen DALTON  



Gender and migration: Employment of rural migrants in South China’s factories
Chunlan GUO and Jianfa SHEN  



Gender differences in personal and interpersonal emotional outcomes from
family work
Nurit FINKEL and Marilyn P. SAFIR  



How can family policies reconcile fertility and women’s employment?
Comparisons between South Korea and Sweden
Soomi LEE, Ann-Zofie DUVANDER and Steven H. ZARIT  



Do home-based micro-entrepreneurial earnings empower rural women? Evidence
from the handloom sector in Assam
Bhabesh HAZARIKA and Kishor GOSWAMI  



The effect of microfinance on women’s empowerment: Evidence from Malaysia
Sayed Samer Ali AL-SHAMI, Muhammad M. RAZALI, Izaidin MAJID,
Ahmed ROZELAN and Nurulizwa RASHID



Voices from Asian Feminist Activism 



Women’s political participation in South Korea and activist organizations
OH Kyung Jin  



Book reviews


Gendered entanglements: Revisiting gender in rapidly changing Asia,
edited by Ragnhild Lund, Philippe Doneys and Bernadette P. Resurreccion
Marilyn PORTER



Women, war, and the making of Bangladesh: Remembering 1971,
by Yasmin Saikia
Saskia E. WIERINGA  



Women and aging: An international, intersectional power perspective,
edited by Varda Muhlbauer, Joan C. Chrisler and Florence L. Denmark