Faculty Lecture Title Batch of EGEP
Ahba BHAIYA Strategies and Practices of Women’s Movements 4
AHN Yonson Transnational Activism and Solidarity 1
The Perils and Possibilities of Transnational Feminist Activism 3
Women’s Movement and Transnationalism in Asia and Africa 4
Searching for Cross-border Feminist Activism in Asia and Africa 5
Cross-border Feminist Activism against Gender Violence and War in Asia and Africa 6
Angela MILES Transforming Globalization and the World: From Scarcity to Abundance 7
Annine van der MEER Wisdom Returning 10
Bernedette MUTHIEN Beyond Patriarchal Violence: Gender Based Violence in South Africa 8
Bui Thi KIM Women and Development 9
Chalidaporn SONGSAMPHAN Sexuality Issues from a Gender Perspective 4
CHANG Pilwha Journey to Finding Myself 1
A Feminist Journey in New Waves 2,3,4
Visions for a Happier World 4
Feminist Leadership for a Happier World 5,6
Round-up: Making Vision for Future 6
Asian Feminists Empowering Leadership 7
Asian Feminist Journey for A Happier World 7
Feminists’ Empowering Leadership 8,9,10
Feminists Journey for A Happier World 8,9,10
CHANG Pilwha & KIM Eun-Shil Round-up: Making Vision for Future 5
CHOI, Gyoung-Sil Design from Gender Perspective 9
CHUNG Hyun Kyung The Place of Spirituality in Women’s Journey for Personal and Structural Liberation 2
Feminism, Religion and Spirituality 3,4
DU Fangqin Women, Empowerment, and Leadership 1
Genevieve VAUGHAN Recognizing Giving and Receiving as the Maternal Basis of Language 6
HAHM Inhee Feminist Perspective on (the) Families 8
Heisoo SHIN Transnational Women’s Activism 9,10,11
JUNG Kyungja Governance and Women’s Policy 1
Revisiting Gender from Cross-Cultural and Transnational Perspectives 11
Jyotsna A. GUPTA Women’s Bodies and Health 1
Women’s Bodies and Feminist Ethics of Reproduction 3
Women’s Reproductive Rights and Health 5
Women’s Reproductive Health 10
Katherine GIBSON Women and Eonomic Activism 6
KIM Eun-Shil Gender Politics Across Borders 1,2,3,6
Sexuality, Nationalism and Market 7
Sexuality and Gender 10
Cultural Politics of Gender / Sexuality 11
KIM Hyun Mee Women, Work and Migration 1
Kristi POERWANDRI Women, Poverty and Psycho-economic Empowerment 3
LEE Mi-Kyoung & LEE Myoung Sun Feminist Activism and Women’s Policy 2
Women’s Movement and Social Change in Korea 3,5
Women’s Reproductive Health 10
New Battle Ground of Sexual Violence against Women in Korea 11
Mala KHULLAR Women's Movement and NGOs in Asia 2
Mina ROCES Women's Movement in Asia 1
Pamela PHILIPOSE Anti-GBV Feminist Activism in India 11
Rashidah SHUIB Gender, Environment, and Development 1
Women’s Health and Reproduction 4
Women’s Health or Sexual and Reproductive Health 6
Development and Women's Reproductive Health 8
Saskia E. WIERINGA Sex/Gender/Sexuality 1
State, Ideology, and Sexuality 2,3
Sexuality and Gender 5,9
Siumi Maria TAM Women, Labor, and Public Participation 5, 11
Gender, Family and work 7,9,10
Suwanna SATHA-ANAND Religious Fundamentalism and Women’s Human Rights 5
Religion and Women 8
Sylvia Estrada CLAUDIO Transnational Feminism in Sexual and Reproductive Health 6
Reproductive Health and Women's Rights 7
Wenny KUSUMA Women's Human Rights: Engaging in Advocacy for Change 7